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Mostly stuff and hands on workshops. Mifactori is a Studio for Open Design, Environmental Activism,Creative Urbanism & Anti-Consumerism. The studio develops Design Approaches, Urban Interventions and Education for the Pre- & Post-Climate-Change-World with Openness and Circularity (and Modularity).

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Lectures, Talks, Keynotes & Newsletters

Conference talks and university lectures. We don‘t use slides but webpages! Therefore everything is online including a list of all our past newsletters.

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Lars Zimmermann

Mostly thinking. Articles, Talks, Theory, Consulting and Insights on Sustainability, Open Source and Open Source Hardware Business Models, also sometimes other things.

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(Projects Ended Or On Pause) OSCEdays: Global events on Open Source Circular Economy | IPO Tables: A software tool to teach our economy the language it needs create and run circularity. | Open It Agency: Consulting around Open Hardware | The City Is Open Source: Hacking Cities for Sustainability | Baubus: Open Circular Toy Bricks.

Open Source Circularity?

In a nutshell? What is Open Circularity about?

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