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IPO tables

Connecting The Dots – For Circularity!

Inputs → Outputs → Inputs → Outputs → ∞

(Early Prototype)


STEP 1: Document A Production Or Making Process In A *Module Page* →

↑   List All The Outputs




Click On The Inputs & Outputs To Get To A *Things-Page*:


On A Things-Page You Can See Modules Where The Things Are Produced (as Outputs) And Where They Are Used (as Inputs).

Click On A Module To See What Can Happen Next →


STEP 3: Repeat The Process ∞. Follow The Atoms. Create Circularity!

That’s it! 

Why & How?

✔ Decentralized Knowledge Creation. Like Wikipedia: Open Editable By Everyone, A Global Collection Of Re-Use Paths!

✔ Search & Test Engine For Designers Of Circularity (Plastic Bags In produces Plastic Bags Out produces ???)

✔ Search Engine To Connect Local Ressource Flows:

↑ _____________________

You Have A Lot Of Sawdust And Wonder To Whom To Sell It?

. .^. .

→ World


Come & Play With Us!

Early Prototype (Raw)


Made By Lars Zimmermann & Enrico Scherlies & +


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